About Us

The Online Retailer That’s Changing How You Buy Furniture

Rectangles shape the most familiar objects that surround us especially the buildings and homes we work and live in. This shape evokes in us the feelings of comfort and safety. Designers use it to suggest stability, knowledge and truth because it is one of the most honest and trusted shapes.
Triangles are the most dynamic of all shapes. They evoke growth, progress, action and movement. Designers use their pointy shape to suggest a direction, the right direction.
Both shapes remind us of the role geometry plays in design but also in everyday life.  
For us, the union of both shapes – a Rectangle topped by a Triangle – symbolizes a home.  And home is where the heart is….

RECTANGLE TRIANGLE is a global distribution channel designed for customers who seek a fresh approach to e-commerce and a wide selection of design pieces without the designer price tag.
We understand that with the explosion of influencers, Instagrammers and home bloggers, social media is the new and popular way of self-expression and that the interior design of our space compares to fashion in the way we reflect ourselves. Today our home or office spaces reflect our personal style whether it is retro or boho chic, contemporary, or traditional. We customize our personal space with the same attention we put together our wardrobe.
We also understand that buying habits have changed and although we all want beautiful homes and offices, we are very busy and would prefer not to have to deal with shopping around for furniture. Today, furniture shopping must be fast, well priced with a greater-than-great selection of high-end quality pieces, easily accessible, and backed by great service.

Many of our furniture pieces are customizable and feature cleverly designed, ergonomic structures that require minimal bolting and metal ware.
We offer better prices because we stripped the costs tied to showrooms, salespeople and wholesale and can offer you a direct manufacturer-to-consumer transaction.
We are committed to offering the very best service, and our aim is to help you find the perfect furniture for your home.
Your shopping experience is backed by our friendly and professional customer service support team.

We offer a global selection of furniture and decor pieces that spans from classic mid-century style to the more eclectic industrial chic, contemporary and modern designs. Whatever your style is, you will find it here.
Browse our collections of indoor and outdoor furniture and find the perfect piece for your dining, bar, office, bedroom, patio and poolside space including home furnishings, lighting and decor accents.

To make it possible for our customers to find a piece that fits their style within our large selection, explore the piece further through customer reviews and innovations, and receive their order as fast as possible.
To listen to our customers and continue to learn and innovate on their behalf.
To maximize the experience of online furniture shopping by providing an optimum selection and making it easily accessible without the annoyance of long lines, limited hours, or having to travel to shop.

Let us inspire and indulge your love of design as you prepare to give your home or office a make-over.